Inner Health

We live in a society that is very health conscious and often go to great lengths to look and feel our best including dieting and exercising. Most of us don’t realise how important a healthy colon is to our optimal well-being. Many doctors used to focus on the importance of a healthy bowel, but have regressed in the last few years. Today’s lifestyles, irregular eating, dehydration, convenience foods (which are full of toxins, additives, colourings and other unnecessary substances) compound with stressful lifestyles and hinder the body’s natural ability to eliminate waste effectively.

In addition to our colonic hydrotherapy treatments, we are pleased to offer food intolerance testing and relaxing lymphatic drainage massage which can help stimulate and unblock the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for draining the body of toxins, transporting nutrients and regulating the metabolism. This is especially beneficial to have before your colonic and can be booked for only £10.

Please see our pages below for further information and prices for each treatment.