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Colonic health has always been a taboo subject and articles about the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy have always aroused great interest.

As one of the more experienced and well establish colonic hydrotherapists in the UK Jane Haines has frequently been interviewed and consulted by the press, eager to find out more about colonic irrigation and the health benefits it can bring.

Below is a selection of articles and interviews about colonic health that Jane has contributed to.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Maidstone - In The Press 1

Colonic Hydrotherapy Maidstone – In The Press 1

 The Bottom Line – Colonic Irrigation In Maidstone

Mention you’re off to have a colonic irrigation and the reaction is likely to be either shocked distaste or blatant tittering.  With some stern advice to boot:   “Don’t have it done whatever you do. Not in those cream trousers!”  “That pop star has had it done and she’s bonkers!”  “What good would shoving a hose up you bottom do if you’re healthy?” came the counsel from various sources (none of whom had experienced the procedure, I hasten to add). So if my research by hearsay is anything to go by, the woman in the street is a tad sceptical, despite such newsworthy converts as Kim Basinger, Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, Simon Cowell and even Princess Diana.  Why then would Jane Haines, owner of Inner Health and Beauty in Church Street, Maidstone spend a fortune setting up a clinic for a dubious Kent public?
The answer is fairly surprising: it’s for her own benefit, as well as her clients.  Having run a clinic in Chelsea for some years, Jane already has a steadfast following among the London set who are finding out what lies beyond the M25. She’s decided they can come to her for a change, and has moved her practice to Maidstone so she can spend more time with her husband and three sons.

That Maidstone is ready for her, Jane has no doubt.  “The going-on of our bowels is still a taboo subject, but that doesn’t mean to say there are lots of people out there with problems,” she says. She likes cleaning patients’ colons to “having a luxury poo”, and refuses to dress our bodily functions in euphemism or confusing medical terminology; she calls a poo a poo and even allude to “guts” and the occasional “bum”.

Indeed there’s a long list of subjects Jane’s comfortable with; she describes herself as intuitive and kind, and let’s be honest here, once you’ve got as far as allowing her to push a tube up your bottom, you’re unlikely to hold back verbally.  “Being a good listener and having lived a little are as important to the client as the colonic itself”. Says Jane.  “Most clients feel they can tell me anything.” Anything, it seems, except the murky subject of doing what doesn’t always comes naturally.  “People are simply embarrassed by talking about subjects such as pooing.”  said Jane.  “And though they know they would benefit from a colonic here at Inner Health Colonic Hydrotherapy in Maidstone, they’re worried they might start making noises and smells or accidentally push the tube out during the treatment.  “Jane, gesturing to her work attire of pure white linen, assures me with a wry smile that is not going to happen.

So is having a colonic irrigation in Kent simply a trendy pastime, another tick in the box along with henna tattoos, healing crystals or the flotation tank? “Absolutely not,” said Jane.  “We will never be accepted by the National Health Service, but it can benefit almost anyone.”  According to Jane, that applies to those with bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, or wheat and yeast intolerances.  These conditions may cause headaches, bad breath, skin problems, fatigue and depression, and are no laughing matter to the sufferer. Most of her clients have sought advice from their doctor and tried every diet under the sun, yet they still feel unhealthy. Even those who don’t have any obvious problems could benefit from having internal spring clean says Jane; while it may be unnatural to have our colons hosed out, so is eating the refined foods typical in most in most people’s diet.  “Lots of my clients suffer from bloating, caused by a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and junk food,” said Jane. “but even clean living people can benefit if they want a complete detox.

Jane, now in her early fifties, became a convert 19 years ago, having suffered a lifetime of bowel problems.  She was working in a London shop when a complete stranger walked up to her and said: “How long have you suffered from constipation and diarrhoea?” The woman was a colonic irrigation therapist, and Jane was so impressed with the treatment that she decided to train. Jane believes that the therapist tapped into the emotional imbalance in her guts, and released feelings stored in her bowels. This theory may sound totally daft to sceptics, but Jane believes implicitly that colonic irrigation is so much more than hosing out the back passage. For her it was the first time she had been able to let go of issues to do with an unhappy childhood that she’d been storing for years, a feeling of emotional as well as a physical release.

So how does it work?  Before the treatment Jane asks client the questions about their diet and lifestyle, and advises on a change in eating habits to alleviate the problem.  The she inserts a narrow tube into client’s back passage, and water goes in via the hose, in bursts of between ten and 15 seconds for about 40 minutes.  This cleans out the colon, a five metre long spaghetti junction of tubes, which in effect is the body’s sewer, attracting a build-up of waste.  This waste comes out through a machine – where Jane can have a good look at it through a plastic window – and then out into the sewer.  She sees poo, mucus, undigested food, and can tell whether someone isn’t chewing properly or if their body is assimilating the food properly.

While this is taking place Jane chats to clients about their diet, lifestyle, relationships, and anything else they may care to talk about.  “This is a place of safety,” she said.  “I don’t judge and anything said here doesn’t leave the room. She studied physiology some years ago but never did anything until her timely meeting with her tutor, which was followed by three years of training.  She has turned this interest into her life’s work, and believes in it passionately.  She says her clients leave feeling energised and elated.  ” I love it when someone comes to me having lived with feeling ill or uncomfortable for years, and they leave here saying  “I feel great.”
The positive ravings of a friend spurred mother of two Caroline Barrett to book in for colonic irrigation with Jane Haines.  Caroline, from Bearsted near Maidstone Kent, said I’ve never been regular’ and if I go on holiday I might not go to the loo for a week. “I lead a very busy life, and I often feel sluggish and my tummy feels bloated, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Jane put me totally at ease and it wasn’t embarrassing at all.
“Jane is very intuitive and the hour I spent with her was something like a cross between seeing a therapist and chatting with an old friend – she really got to the heart of how I was feeling and I felt quite emotional.  She inspired me to change my lifestyle, and to put myself first more often, physically and emotionally.
“After wards I felt very light and clear, and Jane suggested that I come back in six weeks to see how I felt, although she didn’t push for me to have another treatment if I didn’t want it.
“When I came out I was grinning from ear to ear, and I wanted rush up to the to the first person I saw in Church Street and say “Get yourself in there it’s just fantastic’.”

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